Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Neil Armstrong autographs part 3 (post 61)

The most sentimental of my Neil Armstrong autographs is this scarce NASA lithograph he personally inscribed to my son Adam in 1987.  That year, when Adam was 2, I sent pictures to all 12 of the Moonwalkers and asked them to sign for him; I also included a snapshot of Adam so they could see to whom they were writing..  I was successful with everyone but John Young and Dave Scott (who were added later).  Armstrong wrote “To Adam—All  Good Wishes” in dark ink on the NASA litho showing a picture Neil took of Buzz Aldrin exiting the LM. While Armstrong signed thousands of autographs, very few of then were of scenes on the Moon, as opposed to his individual spacesuit portrait or crew portraits. This complete set of Moonwalker photos belongs to my son, now in his late 20’s, although they are safely stored until he decides what to do with this inheritance.

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #61

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