Friday, August 1, 2014

Writing an article to pay expenses (post 54)

I returned home from the Cape July 22, 1969 with a suitcase of Apollo 11 materials. My immediate plan was to sell a free-lance magazine article to help pay for my trip expenses (almost $300, which is $1,948 in 2014 dollars).  I began transcribing the tape-recorded interview I had on July 15 with Dr. George Mueller, NASA’s head of manned space flight. The main focus of the interview was the unease and opposition some young people at the time felt about space exploration (I had just turned 19 and I presented, as devil’s advocate, some of the negative views of my peers) . The second focus concerned future plans for space exploration. Dt. Mueller cogently discussed both of these issues. I wrote an article draft using the walkout of the astronauts as an introduction, followed by verbatim excerpts from the Mueller interview, and ending with a description of the Apollo 11 launch. I sent out an edited draft to 5 publications and awaited their verdicts.

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