Friday, July 25, 2014

Chicago Parade no. 3 (post 53)

As the Chicago parade honoring the Apollo 11 crew slowly snaked up State Street and then over to LaSalle, the astronauts were met by tens of thousands of people, including those hanging out of buildings and skyscrapers. The crew waved up high to respond to their cheers. Their wives followed in a separate car. By the time the motorcade had reached LaSalle Street, I was out of film and the security people made it clear in no uncertain terms that I should back off from my pursuit. The astronauts continued down the caverns of LaSalle Street where tons of confetti and ticker tape were thrown down from the towering buildings. The parade was exciting for all who attended—astronauts included—but it would be 40 years until I saw each of  the entire crew again. Back in 1969, however, my Apollo 11 saga continued to unfold.

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #53  August 13, 1969 Events



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