Saturday, July 12, 2014

Apollo 11 crew walkout (part 2) (post 41)

The Apollo 11 crew walks to the base of the ramp towards the van that will take them to Pad 39A where their Saturn V awaits.  I take a third photograph with my primitive film camera. I miss Armstrong giving a “thumb’s up” because of someone’s head in the way, but catch Mike Collins (right) and Buzz Aldrin, followed by two white- helmeted spacesuit technicians. The first one (left) is Joe Schmitt, the veteran who also suited up Alan Shepard and who is still alive at last report at age 98. The second one is a very young Ron Woods, who is still working for NASA and has become a noted space artist. Following behind them is Deke Slayton, his head partially obscured. (Years later I send both Schmitt and Woods copies of this photo, one for them to keep and the other to autograph). The fourth and final fifth photographs show the astronauts entering the van but are blurred and have obstructed views.

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #41  July 16, 969 Events


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