Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chicago Parade no. 1 (post 51)

After the Apollo 11 crew landed on July 24, 1969, they were quarantined for 3 weeks aboard the USS Hornet and then in Houston. Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin were released on August 10.  They then started on a triumphal cross-country tour to celebrate the Moonlanding. When I heard they were coming to  Chicago on August 13, I retrieved my  NASA Apollo 11 press pass, bought more Kodachrome slide film, and resolved to cover the event. Chicago has a long tradition of ticker tape parades and this was to be one of the largest. The crew rode together in an open car, as did their wives in another, escorted by a phalanx of policemen. They slowly drove down Michigan Avenue, passing Chicago landmarks such as the old Water Tower and the Tribune building. Meanwhile, I was running along with the car, flashing my press credentials and snapping pictures as best as I could.

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #50  13, 1969 Events


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