Thursday, July 3, 2014

Standing at the base of a Saturn V rocket (post 32)

We have another jam-packed schedule for July 15, 1969, the day before the planned Apollo 11 launch. We take another NASA press tour to return first to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) for a more detailed visit. We board a NASA bus at the News Center; seated near us is author Norman Mailer who later in 1970 writes a book “Of a Fire on the Moon” about his experience. We drive to the VAB where we are permitted right next to the base of the 363 foot tall Apollo 12 Saturn V. The huge F-1 engines and swing-arms are visible, dwarfing the technicians working inside. Then we see all individual three stages of the Apollo 13 Saturn V which have not yet been stacked. The VAB is a mammoth building which dwarfs even the giant rocket stages.

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post#32  July 15, 1969 Events


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