Sunday, July 13, 2014

KSC Press Site (post 42)

Full of adrenaline from viewing  the Apollo 11 crew walkout at dawn, we head out on a slow-moving NASA bus, caught in heavy traffic, to the KSC Press Site. It is a large grandstand about 3 ½ miles from Pad 39A. We climb to the top and I take a picture of the scene in the early morning light. We look around the Press Site but then decide that we will view the launch from the VIP Site along with the hundreds of dignitaries NASA has invited for the occasion. Politicians, military leaders, former NASA brass, ambassadors and entertainers are among the invitees. Even Hermann Oberth, one of the fathers of rocketry, is there (we briefly encounter him earlier at a hotel)

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #42  July 16, 1969 Events


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