Saturday, July 19, 2014

College journalist at work (post 47)

During the afternoon of July 16, 1969, after a swim at the Sea Missile motel, I return to the NASA Apollo 11 Press Center in Cape Canaveral. The first thing I do is pick up the latest transcripts of the pre-launch commentary and also air-ground voice communications since launch. NASA stenographers record on a real-time basis every word spoken on the public communications voice channel; copies for reporters are laid out on tables at the Press Center.  I then start to write on a portable typewriter my story of the launch for the next morning’s issue of the Michigan Daily. Marv and I have dinner at the nearby Holiday Inn, after which I dictate my story on a pay telephone to the Daily. It’s early to bed after having arisen before 4:30 a.m. that morning to catch the Apollo 11 crew walkout. Between the walkout and the launch. the day is certainly one of the most exciting of my entire life

#Apollo11Eyewitness  Post #47  July 16-17, 1969 Events

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