Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A time of great political, social and cultural unrest (post 11)

As I prepared for my trip to the Cape for Apollo 11, much more was happening in the world in the summer of 1969 besides space exploration. The Vietnam War was raging and there was already strong opposition to American involvement in that Asian civil war. Planning had started for a massive Moratorium March on Washington, D.C. against the war, scheduled for Nov. 15, 1969 (I later covered it in D.C. as part of a Michigan Daily team). The civil rights revolution was evolving since an earlier march on Washington in August, 1963. The rise of feminism posed a challenge to entrenched sexism and I learned much from my female colleagues at the Daily. Finally, there was a cultural revolution going on in the Western World (as well as a different type in China). I was going to miss attending Woodstock myself, but its music and spirit would resonate for decades. The preparation for Apollo 11 occurred during a time of great political and cultural unrest.

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