Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini-bus press tour of KSC (post 25)

Early on July 14. 1969, Marv and I pick up our rental car and head to the NASA Apollo 11 News Center-- a complete madhouse, full of journalists from all over the world.  There are long tables with telephones for reporters to call in stories, other tables with NASA press releases and flight plans, and industrial exhibits where companies are touting their contributions to Apollo.  We sign up with NASA for a 4 hour-long tour of KSC and surroundings. Nine of us, including journalists from Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium, head out in a mini-bus. Our guide is a volunteer contractor employee. We start off at a space museum where we see rockets, including Redstone and Atlas. We visit the Project Mercury blockhouse and drive by the sites of Mercury, Gemini and unmanned launches. With sadness we pause near Launch Complex 34 where the Apollo 1 crew gave their lives 2 ½ years before. Exploration is risky.

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