Thursday, June 26, 2014

Close up and personal with a Saturn V (post 26)


Our tour guide drives the mini-bus to within ¾ mile from the Saturn V on Pad 39A, where we stop to take pictures. The Saturn V rocket soars 363 feet (110 m) above a huge concrete structure. The rocket is surrounded by a grey Mobile Service Structure (MSS) gantry and is attached to a red Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT). “God, is it huge!” is my comment. We drive to another vantage point where we are only 2,000 feet from the rocket where we see the wire escape system and the fire escape vehicle. (Astronauts would rush into a gondola, ride down the wire, and jump into the vehicle in case of an emergency). We then go to the unoccupied Pad 39B where we see another large concrete structure with a blackened slit in the center and flame deflectors 30 feet high.

#Apollo11Eyewitness   Post# 26   July 14, l969 Events

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