Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaving Ann Arbor for the summer: Go Blue! (post 10)

While waiting to hear about NASA credentials for Apollo 11, I prepared to leave Ann Arbor in 1969 to return to my home near Chicago for a summer job at a men’s clothing store. This photo is how I looked working at the Michigan Daily-- I knew I would have to get a haircut and get cleaned up for my Michigan Ave. job. While at the U. of Michigan, I frequently passed the corner of University Avenue which had been named in 1965 in honor of Jim McDivitt and Ed White. They had received their bachelor (McDivitt)  and master (White) degrees in 1959 from the University ‘s famed aeronautical engineering department. The corner, near the Engineering Arch, was later turned into a plaza, shown here. Also, the Apollo 15 crew all attended U of M for part of their educations. Go Blue!
  #Apollo11Eyewitness   Post #10

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