Saturday, June 14, 2014

NASA: You are "GO" for Apollo 11 Press Credentials (post 14)


It was now the middle of June, 1969 and there was no news from NASA about press passes so I figured the odds were not in our favor. Then a thin envelope from the College Press Service (CPS) arrived in the mail. I opened it with much anticipation. In a letter dated June 17, 1969, Jim Heck informed me “I’m now editor of the College Press Service wire network and it is only after this, and two weeks of red tape, talking to high NASA officials, etc. that I have finally gotten you and your friend some press credentials.”  SUCCESS!! The was the  news I had been waiting for—my friend Marv and I were going to cover Apollo 11 for the CPS, as well as the Michigan Daily, with full NASA press credentials. As Jim wrote, “You will be the only ungraduated people there.” I awaited arrival of our NASA press passes and further instructions.

#Apollo11Eyewitness    Post #14


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