Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Settling in at at the motel and walking up A1A (post 24)

The shuttle bus arrives and for $3.50 takes us to the Sea Missile Motel in Cocoa Beach the afternoon of July 13, 1969. We take a quick swim in the pool. We then stroll to the beach, where we can see the gantry towers of the Eastern Test Range in the distance. “Beautiful sun, sand, surf and space,” I note in my diary. We head back to Highway A1A and take a very long walk north to the Hilton Hotel (we are not picking up our rental car until the next day). There we see CBS broadcaster Walter Cronkite holding court at the swimming pool. We also sign up for “reservations” to go to the Moon with TIA Airlines (a clever PR gimmick). On the way back to the motel we stop at the Mousetrap bar for a drink; we encounter astronauts Bruce McCandless and Curt Michel there.

#Apollo11Eyewitness   Post #24    July 13, 1969 Events

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