Friday, June 13, 2014

The music of the times (post 13)

As I waited to hear whether Jim Heck had any success in Washington with NASA getting us Apollo 11 press passes, I spent June, 1969 working at a men's clothing store in downtown Chicago and listening to music like any other teenager. There was no internet, downloads, iPods, CDs or the like. One listened to music on either AM radio or on vinyl discs. The top two songs for June 7. 1969 illustrate that some of the tunes from that era have held up pretty well, others not so good. ...The Number 1 hit that week was Credence Clearwater Revival' s classic tune "Bad Moon Rising," which they would later play at Woodstock in August and is still popular today (over 18 million YouTube hits). The Number 2 song that week was "Good Morning Starshine" from the musical "Hair" as sung by Oliver. It was a sweetsy tune with bubble gum lyrics that grated on my nerves then and still does 45 years later. Not all oldies were goodies! Overall, however, 1969 was a time of memorable music as Woodstock would show. Yogi Berra was once quoted as saying" When you reach a fork in the road, take it." I had made the decision to forego Woodstock in favor of Apollo 11 and I was preparing to go to Florida with or without NASA credentials.

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"Bad Moon Rising"

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