Friday, June 27, 2014

Stops at the crawler-transporter and Launch Control Center (post 27)

Our press tour continues stoping at the incredible crawler-transporter which hauls the Saturn V from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) out to the pad. The mammoth transporter weighs 6 million pounds, is adjustable from 20 to 26 feet high, and has 8 giant tracks.  We go to the VAB where we take an elevator to the top floor and look down  over 500 feet (more on the VAB later). Our tour ends at the modernistic Launch Control Center (LCC) where we are allowed inside to see the three firing rooms, including the one where Apollo 11 is being prepared for launch in 2 days. We are permitted on the floor of another firing room where Apollo 12 is being worked. After this KSC  tour we head back to the Apollo 11 News Center in Cape Canaveral for a key briefing.

#Apollo11Eyewitness   Post# 27    July 14,1969 Events

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