Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stepping off the plane and meeting 4 Apollo astronauts (post 22)

We arrive at the Melbourne, Florida airport and enter the terminal. I see Mrs. Cernan being greeted by a man in a blue NASA jumpsuit, whom I recognize as astronaut Jim Irwin, as well as a few other men. As I go to the reservations counter to change my return flight, Mrs Cernan comes up and asks where my friend Marv and I go to school. She then personally introduces us to Irwin, Al Bean, Charlie Duke and Bruce McCandless. They are at the airport to pick up wives or family members arriving for the Apollo 11 launch. I know that Bean is already assigned to the next mission and ask for his autograph on a magazine. Jim Irwin then takes a photo of me and Al Bean with my camera (unfortunately it is the first image on the roll and later becomes partially exposed to light). Bean says that this is the right time to come to the Cape. “I’m next,” he tells us. #Apollo11Eyewitness   Post #22    July 13, 1969 Events

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